Rainbow Crystal Meth


Rainbow Crystal Meth


Gay goes straight to 11 with a mix of chic leather and rainbow-hot crystals in this pride-driven piece! This necklace should be illegal, but it’s anything but. So fling on the flair and don’t meth around—this is crystal you can do! This can be the showy jewelry you wear in a parade to make a statement or something to add gaiety to your daily T-shirt and denim. This would make a great gift for someone just coming out or finally getting married, or a gift to yourself because you’re proud to be you. Gay or straight, whatever your reason for loving rainbows, this necklace will fill your day with joy!

I make these with either a black or clear crystal heart (clear heart shown in the last 3 photos); please let me know which one you'd prefer. (The clear crystal is a prism that, when the sun hits it just right, makes a nice suncatcher on your neck; the black crystal emits an impressive light show of bright, flashing stars when hit by sunlight. Choose your mood.)

Materials: Swarovski crystal, sterling silver Bali-style beads, sterling silver lobster clasp, black leather cord made in the USA, and lots of gay pride.

Size: The piece shown is 15.5 inches. If you need a larger size, please let me know what size you'd like and give me a few days lead time. Alternatively, I could add an extension chain. Let me know your preference.

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