Passionate Pride

Passionate Pride


Wear it because you’re gay, or wear it because you’re a proud supporter. Or wear it just because you love rainbows. However you wear it, you’ll be wearing it loud and proud because this is one attention-grabbing piece. This one is not content to stay in the closet. So remember to hang it in a sunny place when it’s not hanging on you and the rainbows will continue to shine their light!

This piece also makes a nice “two rainbows, one heart” statement, as the two rainbows converge on the dramatic, asymmetrical heart, which (literally) holds the rainbows together.  I have one available; let me know if you want another identical one made. This is a nice gift for a gay wedding or a gay commitment.

Materials: Swarovski crystal, heart, sterling silver, Bali-style beads, lobster clasp, and lots of gay pride.

Size: 16 ¼"

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