Rainbow On Your Wrist


Rainbow On Your Wrist


Be “out and proud” or just be loud—this rainbow doesn’t hide. The only thing gayer is the rainbow flag! I support the LGBT community and wanted to create an item that really shows pride. I think my mission was accomplished with this piece. Expect lots of compliments and queries when you wear it. It's a great statement piece to help you sport some cool pride in those parades, rallies, and demonstrations.

These are deceptively time-consuming to make, as the leather is a bit shifty to work with. But it’s a challenge well worth the results and a labor of love. I make these to order, so just send me the size you’d like and I’ll have it ready within a few days. Measure your wrist where you’d like the bracelet stack to rest; this would typically be between your wrist bone and your hand, but it’s your choice. Just make sure to measure carefully as your measurement will be used to size the internal diameter of each strand in the bracelet set.

Please note that, due to the nature of natural leather, there may be a slight variability in the size of each strand of approximately an eighth of an inch. This does not affect the appearance or wearability of the item.

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