Summer's Memories


Summer's Memories


Whenever I look at this gorgeous green Swarovski crystal pendant it evokes images and memories of summer things—casual picnics, biking in the park, strolling through floral gardens with friends—it is truly a multifaceted piece. In whatever season you wear it, may this bright and cheerful pendant elicit your own fond memories of bygone summers and anticipations of new ones. Perhaps this could be a gift to commemorate a special summer event… or to let someone know they are appreciated. Maybe your sister let you use her beach house for a weekend; you took a vacation with your mother-in-law; a friend of yours watched your dog (while you were on vacation with your mother-in-law). For an occasion or nothing at all, for yourself or someone else, this is sure to be a well-loved piece of jewelry.


Materials: Swarovski crystal pear, sterling silver wire and bail.

Size: Stone is 30mm x 20mm; total length of pendant including bail is ~65mm.

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