Mystic Dreams

Mystic Dreams


This is one of those brilliant sunset colors you can’t get enough of. When you need a mental break and would like to be transported to a serene shoreline, glass of wine in hand, gazing at the twilight sunset—do not look into this stone! Do not be fooled by its charms! I’m warning you. You could start a hotel fire with this zinger! Or maybe change the future. But then, you wake up and realize it was all just a mystic dream… in full control all the time. Shucks.

It looks terrific paired with neutral colors and can hold its own against bright, saturated colors. By far this is my favorite Swarovski crystal color. This is such an indescribable color, people are always commenting on it. I have had offers for the one I wear, but I’m not sellin’. I’m such a purple freak, I have to have at least one!


Materials: Swarovski crystal pear, sterling silver wire and bail.

Size: Stone is 30mm x 20mm; total length of pendant including bail is ~63mm.

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