You and Me


You and Me


This is a set of 2 lovely, natural purple, amethyst pendants. They both have the same gorgeous color and are cut into beautiful hexagonal shapes from the same rough material. I had planned on listing them individually but realized that, although they are uniquely different, they were an inseparable pair and needed to go with each other. I made them together and they belong together, even if they wind up miles apart.

Do you have a special relationship with someone that could be symbolized by this pair of pendants? Your mother? Your daughter? Maybe it’s just the two of you now and you both need mutual support. Is your daughter going off to college? She could use a tangible reminder that you are always thinking of her and will be there when she needs you. Are you the special aunt and your niece is like a daughter to you? This could be a cool gift to celebrate the bond between you. Perhaps you are blending families and forging a new relationship; this would be a thoughtful gift for relationship-building. You can certainly think of a number of occasions when a gift like this would say it best. I’d love to see pictures of these on two special people; if you have a special story to share, I’ll post your story and the pictures.

I have more of the smaller size cabochons. If you would like a similar pendant or pairs of coordinating earrings, please let me know. I’ll do my best to make something you’ll love.


Made with: Natural amethyst cabochons, sterling silver wire and bails.

Size: Large pendant: ~45mm x ~20mm; small pendant: ~39mm x ~13mm


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