Visual Purple

Visual Purple


This pendant has a dramatic color scheme of intense purple sugilite and rich black manganese, set off by a bright silver frame. The contemporary, angular shape gives this pendant style and flair. It can tie an outfit together of similar colors and can really pop on a bold fuchsia. A pair of black onyx earrings or silver bracelet would finish the look.

When I first encountered the phrase “visual purple” (the pigmented part of the rods in your eye) in a college biology class, I thought it sounded so cool. I visualized bright blacks and purples mixed together, something like the color of this stone. So “visual purple” is what instantly came to mind when I looked at this stone for the first time. (Isn’t it amusing what tickles our imaginations.)

Sugilite of any variety always makes its way into high-end designs; it is a much sought-after stone. Because it is so highly coveted and expensive there are a lot of rip-offs out there. Be aware that much of the “sugilite” on the market is fake. (Dyed jasper and dyed serpentine are common.) If it’s cheap and it’s a deal, it’s not sugilite! You need to know your source. I only buy from honest, reputable gem cutters, and the sugilite I use in my work is authentic.


Made with: Sugilite with manganese cabochon, sterling silver wire and bail.

Size: Total length with bail is ~56mm (~2 ¼”); stone is ~33mm x ~20mm.

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