Tickle Me Pink!

Tickle Me Pink!


This is a gorgeous, jaw-dropping, titanium-coated, white quartz drusy with luscious pink overtones. It’s an amazing stone and even more amazing that you get to wear it as a pendant. I don’t show it in the photo, but this stone has a lovely translucency if you hold it to the light. It looks classy with jeans and dressy with formal wear. It has a nice sassy set of silver swirls, so you’ll definitely get noticed with this one.

The best part about this pendant is, although these titanium-coated stones have become quite popular, you’ll never be wearing the same one that hundreds of other people are wearing. This is a one-of-a-kind piece. When people ask where you got it, you’ll either be saying, “I bought it from the Jewelry Channel,” or “It’s handmade and one of a kind.” Which answer do you want to give them? And do you want to see a coworker showing up with the same thing next week? I know what my answer is every single time I get asked about a piece I’m wearing.

If you like this material, I recommend you scoop some up, either from me or from someone else’s work you like. This material has popped up all over the place in recent years and seems easy to obtain, but quartz drusy is millions of years old and there is not an endless supply of it.

I use natural, untreated stones wherever I can, but this stone is an exception. Yes, it’s been treated, but it’s also irresistible. I don’t know anyone who isn’t wowed by these.

The process of coating quartz drusy cabochons with metal is called chemical vapor deposition, or doping. The stones are placed in a vacuum chamber and vaporized with the metal of choice. Gold, silver, platinum, and cobalt are also used to achieve different effects. Isn’t science beautiful?

But, like all good things in life, there is always someone out there who will try to rip you off by using fake material. You have my guarantee that the titanium-coated stones I use in my work are genuine, obtained from honest and reputable dealers, and of the highest quality.


Made with: Titanium-coated white quartz drusy cabochon, sterling silver wire and bail.

Size: Length with bail: ~43mm.

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