It’s not my favorite color. It’s not my usual size. I wouldn’t normally seek it out. But this one broke the rules and followed me home. My guiding principle for selling my jewelry is that I wouldn’t make or sell anything I would not want to wear myself. Although this is one I would not normally wear, wear it I definitely would! I’m pretty sure you would, too. Even if you do not typically wear large chunks of rocks like this one, it makes itself at home and sits comfortably anywhere. Its presence is felt, but it’s not a screamer. Indeed, it’s quite the chameleon. When it comes to pairing it with what to wear, it is simply transformed by anything you put on. It can warm your warms, (picture it on orange or yellow) cool your cools, (green, blue, purple), and will definitely soften a look. Can you imagine it on a floral print? It’s one of the most versatile stones I’ve ever had the pleasure of getting to know. This could be the KO piece for your wedding dress! Picture that. Suspend it from a simple, white organza ribbon, leave off the rest of the bling, and just hang a few pearls from your ears. You’ll be ready for the next issue of Vogue.

“Snow Drift” is the name that leaps into mind when you first look at this whopper. It really looks like freshly fallen, wind-swept snow on a ski slope in the Rockies. The size of this stone is incredible! The whiteness is blinding! The sparkles look just like snow crystals in bright sun! But sometimes things are more than they seem at first and I hold back. I usually give my stones more time to “talk” to me before their personalities emerge and I christen them. And this one had quite a secret. I finished the pendant and was taking an arm’s length look at it, away from my bright workbench light, and my jaw dropped. In the faintest of light the snowy, crystal surface completely transformed before my eyes and started glimmering like millions of stars on a deep, clear night. I was star-struck. I let a few OMG’s fly (and perhaps a few others) and then she spoke. “I am billion-year-old carbon. I am Stardust.”

This is a rare and highly unusual stone with its exceptional size and “clean” look. It is quite the collector’s piece. It’s one I’ve had for quite some time and now I’m setting it free! You’ll never find another one like it. Anywhere.


Made with: White quartz drusy (drusy) cabochon, sterling silver wire and bail.

Size: Total length with bail ~83mm x ~37mm (~3 ¼” x ~1½”); the stone itself is 43mm x 35mm.

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