Soft-Spoken Inspiration


Soft-Spoken Inspiration


This is the perfect feel-good pendant. With such a glorious, earthy green piece around your neck, how can you have a bad day? It’s a happy, inspiring color. I gave this gaspeite pendant just a few tender swirls of silver around the top, keeping it light, so this nugget could shine! I hope it makes you feel as good as it does me.

I believe gaspeite is what made me finally fall in love with green. I used to be rather indifferent to the color; but after I first set eyes on this mineral I was smitten. This one happens to fall on the chartreuse end of the gaspeite-green spectrum. It’s a shade of green that doesn’t scream to be heard, it just gently nudges.

Found only in Quebec and Western Australia this is an extremely rare and collectable stone. Both locations have been completely mined out for several years now. The material I have was purchased several years ago from reputable dealers and cut by expert lapidaries. I’m glad I hung onto it. It was rare back then and it’s almost unobtainable today. This material comes in all shades of yellow-green, frequently accompanied by an appealing, rich brown matrix. This particular cabochon in this pendant has an unusually high uniformity of color with no matrix and a beautiful, high-gloss polish. I’m thrilled and feel privileged to be able to make this exclusive material available to you. Please be aware that there is a lot of junk out there (man-made or dyed other-rock) that is being sold as “gaspeite.” This stone is as real as it gets.


Made with:  Australian gaspeite, sterling silver wire and bail.

Size: Total length with bail ~60mm.

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