Parrot Air

Parrot Air


Prepare to be dazzled by this colorful, sweeping Parrot Wing chrysocolla. One of my favorite pieces ever! If you like ‘em large, this is the pendant for you. This is a statement piece that speaks many languages. As a luscious collector’s piece it says you have good taste in stones and are not afraid to show it. As a bold jewelry piece it says, “Hey, ask me about my jewelry! I wear unique, one-of-a-kind items. No, you can’t get it at Macy’s.” It works well with so many colors. It loves to interact with bright golds, deep blues, and saturated teals, and it enjoys the attention it gets on softer, muted tones. Depending on your background fabric, some areas of the stone will just pop. Look at the soothing, watery blue area around the deep blue azurite. Either of those colors would instantly play off similar colors in whatever you’re wearing.

Well suited to its namesake for its impressive display of colors, how fitting that the gem cutter not only captured all of the coveted colors of this stone but graced it with a unique wing shape just to play it up. What this stone said to me as I worked with it was, “Make me a pendant that can take me away!” And I think I did. What do you think? Can this pendant take you away?

This is a piece with heart. It really is. The blue azurite looks like a little heart floating in the translucent pool of gem silica. It's one of the things about this stone that drew me in right away. It adds a charming dimension to its already winsome personality. This could be the perfect sentimental gift of love for a significant occasion.

This cabochon was cut from premium old stock from a mine in Mexico that has been mined out for decades. There’s nothing coming out of there any more so it is getting more difficult to find this material. There is newer stuff that folks are calling “Parrot Wing” but it is not authentic. This is the rare, high-quality classic material (from my private stash) and is extra rare due to the gem silica in the stone.


Made with: Parrot Wing chrysocolla cabochon, sterling silver wire and bail.

Size: Stone is ~45mm x 26mm; total length of pendant with bail is ~53mm.

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