Nancy Zattic

Nancy Zattic


This is a deep and dreamy raspberry cobalto calcite drusy set in antiqued sterling silver. It will be romantic and flattering to a wide variety of colors in your wardrobe. It’s especially a nice match for cool tones—blues, teals, lilacs and lavenders. And it can be a nice accent piece for warm tones as well—dusty apricot, golden peach, and warm whites. I have a lot of fun matching my stones to my wardrobe colors. Some combinations you wouldn’t think would go together are, in fact, a perfect match.

I was very satisfied with the way this piece came together. But as I looked at the finished pendant, admiring my work, after I had it all polished and singing, that’s when it started. It just looked at me with incredulity and it instantly pleaded in this sad-puppy voice, “Oh, please! Tone it down a little. My silver is too bright. I want to look like I came from Nancy’s attic!” After my initial WTF moment, I thought, well, why not? And—poof—I did it. I put a patina on the ol’ girl, and there you have “Nancy Zattic.”

Personally, I prefer the antiqued look. And I’m glad she talked me into it. But, if you happen to like your pendants super shiny, and would rather have this one shiny, too. I can send you before shots so you can see it before the patina. I will try to reverse the magic spell just for you.


Made with: Raspberry cobalto calcite drusy cabochon, sterling silver wire and bail.

Size: with bail ~2½” x ~5/8” (~62mm x ~17mm)

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