Mrs. Pinksmith

Mrs. Pinksmith


I think if I had a teacher I would want her name to be Mrs. Pinksmith. She would have an interesting ancestry and would tell us lots of stories about her family and how she got her name. How did she get her name? You’ll have to ask her when you meet her. What I can tell you about her is she is a RARE, one-of-a-kind specimen with a very gemmy, pure heart. Try as she may, she can’t keep secrets from you; you can see right through her—she is translucent and luminous, with her sweet, bubble-gum pink cheeks. She has personality and charm. If you look deep within (on the backlit shot) you’ll see an interesting and soothing botryoidal formation called “turtle-back”—she is full of surprises and inspiration! You can take her anywhere and you’ll find she has many more stories to tell. Just take her to lunch sometime; sit back, look around, and listen. Do you hear the stories?

If you get caught up in fiction like I do (I’m a librarian after all) just tell everyone around you you’re not talking to yourself. Tell them you’re talking to Mrs. Pinksmith. Noooooo one will think you are crazy. But you might want to pay your bill and get out of there fast.

This is a whopper of a stone. As with many of my pieces I got caught up in making this and forgot to weigh it before wrapping it; but I can tell you it's approximately 30 carats and measures 30.8mm x 16.24mm x 6.84mm. In addition to being a rare stone, it’s even more rare to find it in this size. Now what about those caressing tendrils at the top? Don’t they look like they’re saying “many hugs”? I knew Mrs. Pinksmith would be affectionate and loving, but now I know she is also comforting. Is she the dear soul who will always keep you company? If she is, please correspond and tell me some of her stories. Like Dr. Crane, I’m listening.

Fun facts: Did you know that Smithsonite was named after English scientist James Smithson? He bequeathed a large portion of his estate to the U.S. to found the Smithsonian Institution. Although Smithsonite occurs in many colors cobalt gives this mineral its pink color.

You will not find anything close to this size, color, and quality in cabochon form anywhere. Truly UNIQUE and truly ONE-OF-A-KIND!

If you’d like to see this specimen in it’s “rough” form check this out:

Don’t you just want to lick it?



Made with: Pink Smithsonite cabochon, sterling silver wire and bail.

Size: Total length with bail ~55mm x ~21mm (~2 1/8” x ~13/16”)

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