There is something timeless about rose quartz. It’s like it’s always going to be there for you, loyal and unassuming. It has just the right shade of color to put the “pink” in your day. Whether blushing from embarrassment or sweating from heavy exertion, it’s the color of life. I was going to simply name her “Lady Butterfly” for her feminine qualities, but there was more to her than that. She had a story.

I let my stones do the talking when I work with them. The qualities of the stone—the shape, size, color, and texture—all play a role in the direction I take with them; it is their destiny. I can begin with a sketch I love and intend to follow, but the final result can wind up miles down the road; that is my destiny. This one didn’t take long for me to know where she wanted to go. Her cute little rosebud body just squeaked, “I want to fly!” So I gave this lady wings and that's what she did. She turned into a beautiful butterfly.

Now it’s your turn. Does she speak to you? Can you feel her presence gently nudging you to try her on? She would be honored to be an abiding source of encouragement in your day. Go ahead, you have my permission. Try her on and let her transform you!

This stone is natural, undead quartz. (Just wanted to see if you were still reading.) This stone is natural and untreated; it is not dyed. (Nor is it dead. Are you still with me?)


Made with: Rose quartz cabochon, sterling silver wire and bail.

Size: Length with bail ~41mm x ~15mm (~1 5/8" x ~ 9/16").

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