Insatiable Apatite

Insatiable Apatite


I can’t get enough of this gorgeous, deep teal, gemmy stone to satisfy my “apatite”. All puns aside, don’t you just want to lick this? The color is so striking and saturated and, for the large size, quite clear (you can see for yourself in the backlit shot). Expert craftsmanship went into the cutting and polishing of this beauty. The size, texture, and color of the stone combined with the gentle waves of wire at the top remind me of the soothing ocean surf. It is visually relaxing and just as pleasant to wear. It’s a real mood piece.

You’re unlikely to find an apatite cabochon of comparable quality anywhere else. I’ve looked high and low for some time and have not found another with this color and clarity. Aside from the gem-grade faceted stones, most of the apatite out there is a rather muddy color with a lot of brown. Not surprisingly, this is from an old stash of mine. I feel so privileged to offer stones that you will not find anywhere else. This is truly a one of a kind pendant.


Made with: Teal apatite cabochon, sterling silver wire and bail.

Size: Length with bail ~45mm x ~23mm (~1 ¾” x ⅞”).

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