Inner Strength and Beauty

Inner Strength and Beauty


Tiger Iron is an interesting combination of hematite and Tiger Eye. Both are found separately in multiple locations throughout the world; however, Tiger Iron is unique in that it is only found in Western Australia. Strength and beauty are what come to mind when I see Tiger Iron. It’s hard not to make the association between the strength and beauty of tigers, its namesake, and hematite, the “iron” in the stone. It’s a lovely combination well suited to its name and personality.

This stone has a nice balance of colors. The silky, golden fibers of the Tiger Eye and the strong metallic tones of the hematite make for a pleasing contrast. The Tiger Eye has good depth and chatoyancy with a nice range of brown tones; it is beautifully displayed throughout the waves of silvery gray hematite. If you are a lover of warm, rich earth tones and the colors of autumn, you will find that this is a stone that can really kick butt. I kept the wirework light at the top to allow this stone full exposure. I don’t often use wires over the front of the stone, but I did in this case; I think a few curved lines of silver contrast well with the banded pattern of this lovely stone. 


Made with: Tiger Iron cabochon, sterling silver wires and bail

Size: Total length of pendant with bail: ~40mm (~1 5/8”); stone: ~20mm


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