Holy Mother of Pearl!

Holy Mother of Pearl!


Sweet, expertly carved, shimmering Mother of Pearl rose. Wrapped simply yet elegantly in sterling silver, this says “feminine beauty” all the way. This dainty little bud goes with floral prints like they were meant for each other. In every season the creamy, chatoyant white can be a dashing accent to almost everything in your wardrobe. This will be your go-to piece when you have “nothing to wear”.

When I was very young I encountered Mother of Pearl and was intrigued by the name. I thought it was charming that pearls should have mothers. But it’s true; I have four darling pearls of my own… As with children, this pearl is one of a kind.


Made with: Carved Mother of Pearl cabochon, sterling silver wire and bail.

Size: Length with bail ~40mm x ~11mm (~1½” x ½”)

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