Gentle Swimmer

Gentle Swimmer


This is a rare, deep pink, mostly “gel” Argentinian rhodochrosite from very fine, old stock. It is completely natural and not dyed or enhanced. A gemmy stone this large is quite rare. White banding, which is beautiful in its own right, is more commonly found in stones of this size. You will be getting a nice collector’s piece.

This stone has a friendliness that just tickles my fancy. It’s a very peaceful and calming stone with one of those rare colors that complement any skin tone. To my eye it has a slight hint of sweet orange, not quite the color of wild salmon, but it’s trying. If you like to look at things in life sideways, you might enjoy looking at this the same way. Go ahead, turn your head and stretch your imagination. It kinda does look like a salmon, you know with a bail for a tail? The wavy wires at the top suggest just enough swimming motion to create movement in this piece. Any way you look at it, the color is just gorgeous and always elicits a lot of “oooooo’s.” This stone is quite soft, making the process of cutting rather difficult and expensive. So be gentle with this “gentle swimmer” and it will be gentle with you, adorning you with its frolicky happiness and playful spirit whenever the mood strikes you to wear it!

This is the “national gemstone of Argentina” and was adopted as the state stone of Colorado in 2002. How cool is it, for a gemstone to be right up there with statehood?


Made with: Rhodochrosite cabochon, sterling silver.

Size: Stone is 33mm x 15mm; length with bail ~62mm (~2½”)

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