Flaming Queen

Flaming Queen


Let this sultry orange and energetic pendant put a little fire in your life! It’s an unusually large, high-dome cabochon you don’t often find with this quality. It is flawless, translucent, and gemmy, with intense and natural, untreated color. It’s great for any season and goes well with neutral, earthy tones. It looks stunning with greens, purples, and sun-tones, and, of course, with your basic blacks and whites. Put some warmth into winter or the sun into summer with a pendant so hot it’s cool. (If you want to tone down the vibrant energy of this stone, pair it with bold, assertive colors!)

Throughout human history this rich and royal stone has adorned the dead and allured the living. The pages of Egyptian antiquities are filled with stories and imagery of its religious symbolism and magical properties. It’s hard not to look at this stone or hold it in your hand without feeling you are a special part of some ancient secret or mystery. This same stone may have only been inches away from a new discovery thousands of years ago, and now you hold it in your palm. How cool is it to be so closely connected to our past?

No matter your reason for falling in love with this flirty flame, you can be sure it will at least make you feel like a queen. As always, this is from my own treasured stash of antiquities and is, likewise, one-of-a-kind. Get it for you or give it to your own significant flame.


Made with: Orange chalcedony cabochon, sterling silver wire and bail.

Size: Length with bail ~43mm x ~16mm (~1 ¾” x ~10/16”).

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