Exotic Travels

Exotic Travels


Every time I look at this luscious, eudialyte pendant I sense wanderlust. It's a graceful and stylish piece, and it looks like it should be going on an exotic journey somewhere. This one came from Russia (with love, ya know) and where it is going remains a mystery. Pack your bags! It could be going with you or someone you know who loves to travel. It's an active piece that wants your attention. If people are not familiar with this stone (and a surprising number are not) they will be compelled to ask you what it is. And you'll also get to tell them it's very rare and one-of-a-kind and you travel together.

This lovely pendant would look great with greens, bodacious with blues, and it goes nuts on neutrals! It won’t get lost on large prints and it will flatter the fine prints. It’s an especially nice focal piece for a v-neck or something low-cut. With its glassy, high polish and gemmy, red-violet color, eudialyte reminds me of certain young red wines and some varieties of garnet. I chose a thin bail to give this pendant a nice drip, like you could just pour it into your glass or hang it from your neck. You can be relaxed while you travel with this companion.

Speaking of travel, learning about this material took me on an exotic brain trip of my own. To summarize my travel notes in two sentences or less here’s what I can tell you about this stone:

Rather than being an isolated mineral, eudialyte is part of a “group” of minerals. The “eudialyte group” is comprised of 26 different complex zirconosilicates, and eudialyte can have at least 46 possible chemical configurations. Okay, that was exciting. Now let’s go back to wine and garnets…

…but if you actually found that interesting, here’s something else you might like to know. Zirconium-rich eudialyte may well be a good source for (you guessed it) zirconium, a corrosion-resistant metal used for many commercial and high-tech applications. We look at eudialyte as a beautiful and rare gemstone, but some companies look at Eudialyte and see nothing but dollar signs. It’s the usual story, you know, of what happens when the corporo-political vampires sink their teeth into things beautiful and rare. That’s right. Some day gem quality eudialyte like this may be nothing more than a zombie. Better get yours quick. The stone you see here is the only one I have from my treasure cache. It may appear to be all over the place, but that’s what I thought several years ago about a lot of different material that is no longer being mined. I foresee this beautiful stone achieving that same distinction.


Made with: Eudialyte cabochon, sterling silver wire and bail.

Size: Total length with bail: 65mm (~2 ½”)

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