Let every day be Earth Day when you wear this EarthStone pendant! It has an earthy personality and shows your appreciation of our earth better than any bumper sticker or T-shirt. The unique shape of this malachite cabochon, accented with gentle sterling silver swirls, gives this pendant a very friendly, playful presence. I think of it as an “earth” stone because the mottled colors and textures remind me of a forest—the black cuprite, with its metallic sheen, resembles tree bark, wet with rain, and the various shades of green make me think of forest flora.

This is a rather soft stone, but well protected in its silver frame. It is thin and light weight, making it a very comfortable every-day piece.This is the perfect pendant to wear with earth tones. It’s the perfect pendant to celebrate the earth.


Made with: Malachite cabochon, sterling silver wire and bail.

Size: Total length with bail: ~36mm (~1 7/16”); width: ~28mm (~1 1/8”)

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