Deeper Truths

Deeper Truths


This apache gold pyrite pendant offers you the classic colors of gold on black in a stylish sterling silver setting. It’s an eye-catching, dominant piece without being overpowering. This might be all the bling you need, which is nice if you’re in a rush. It can be your throw-it-on-and-go piece, and it can easily hold its own at an evening gala event. It complements a variety of styles and colors. Imagine how this would look on a deep pink. Now try it on with a saturated green. Winter white would warm it up, and a black denim jacket would make it pop. The possibilities are endless. (I love pairing pendants with clothing, in case you hadn’t noticed. I have a feeling you probably do, too! It’s so much fun.)

Dubbed “fool’s gold” it is anything but. As I explored this stone and pawed over it, I came to know it better and I realized the truth about this material. Does it really have to be genuine gold for it to stake its claim on a chain around your neck? The story with pyrite is that it never pretended to be gold in the first place. Those who search for deeper truths will find that pyrite, like one’s personality, is beautiful in its own right. Wear this if you need a reminder of the message: Let others think what they will, you are allowed to be who you are. (It does take some of the burden off, doesn’t it?)

Pyrite’s own personality is complex and multifaceted. If you do a little research you’ll find it has a surprising number of wildly diverse habits of crystal formation. Depending on its environment it can form cubes, rods, needles, octahedrons, pyritohedrons, dendrites, suns, and drusy (druzy). It’s a fun and fascinating mineral even if you are not a collector (or a psychologist).


Made with: Apache gold cabochon, sterling silver wire and bail.

Size: Total length with bail is 43mm.

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