Angel Take Flight!

Angel Take Flight!


I think this is one of the most unique greens among green gemstones. It reminds me of those silvery, forest greens you see when you go for rainy walks in the woods. The sparkly mica, brought out by the beautiful polish, gives this magnificent stone its flashy chatoyancy. Its sprays of icy plumes remind me of frost patterns on winter windows when I was a kid. When you turn it in the light it produces an admirable and striking show. Even the unpolished back flashes in every direction. This piece goes great with a host of blues, yellows, and deep, woodsy browns and greens.

I was lucky to find a well-proportioned rectangular stone for this pendant; most shapes cut from this material are round, oval, or drop shape, as it can be a very challenging stone to cut. The shape and pattern of this stone, along with the rich depth and texture of the colors, allowed me to frame its beauty like a trellis, with tender tendrils of wire cascading down the sides. These not only bring out the life in this stone, they also serve to help give this rather soft stone a bit of protection. Topping it off is a bail with a decorative filigree pattern that is a perfect match for the wirework. 

Russia is home to some of the world’s most rare and finest gemstones and Seraphinite is among those treasures. This stone hails from the very beautiful Lake Baikal region in Eastern Siberia. Seraphinite was named for its feathery resemblance to angel wings. And what it says to me when I look at it is, “Grow! Flourish! Take flight and live life strong!” Maybe it rings true for you, too. Wear this as a solid reminder of that message throughout the day when you need a little encouragement. Or maybe this is the perfect gift to a dear friend who may need an extra boost of confidence herself.


Made with: Seraphinite cabochon, sterling silver wire and bail.

Size: Stone is ~38mm x 15mm; length with bail is ~ 70mm.

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