Alta Vista

Alta Vista


This large pendant of malachite and chrysocolla is a stunning statement piece that looks really nice on a plain background. It looks beautiful with many colors, but a simple pattern or solid background is what it likes best. It’s a real show-off. It exhibits exciting scenic colors and has some nice chatoyant malachite surprises sprinkled throughout. As with turquoise, I think silver is the perfect metal for these colors. The stone is well balanced in the setting. I made sure to give it some extra weight at the top with a nice cluster of wires and a hefty bail.

Alta Vista is Spanish for “high view” (not the awesome search engine, reduced to sentiment, whimper), and there is no name more fitting for this breathtaking stone. It’s like standing on a majestic mountain top and taking in the view, so refreshing and rejuvenating. I love the life and personality of this piece.

As with most of my stones (and all of my azurite, chysocolla, and malachite), this piece is from fine grade, old stock no longer available as the mine is now closed. I’m pleased that I’m able to offer these one-of-a-kind stones and to have some of the only material of this type left on the market. It makes me feel rather special. Are you, like me, one of those folks who feel a unique joy when you own a treasure like this, when you have something so exceptional and rare you won’t find it anywhere else? To me, beautiful stones like these that have been hidden in the earth for millions of years, seen for the first time only in our lifetimes, have a priceless value. Let everyone else wear Pandora. I like it when people say, “You wear such cool jewelry. Where do you get it?” And I get to tell them, “It was handmade by me, and it’s one-of-a-kind.”


Made with: Chrysocolla and malachite cabochon, sterling silver wire and bail.

Size: Length with bail: ~67mm (~2 ⅝”).

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