Watercolor Dawn

Watercolor Dawn


This uber chic necklace is casual yet sophisticated. With its lovely drape it’s a fun piece to wear. The photos show both sides of the opals, giving you the option of wearing it either way. (Personally, I like the little brown vug facing out.) The antique brown leather cord complements the colors of the opal perfectly. Wear a plain, simple shirt or something strapless to show it off. It pairs well with earthy, neutral tones, black and white, and it pops with purples. When asked where you got it, you’ll be the envy of your friends when you tell them how unique and rare the opals are!

Several years ago I wandered into my favorite jewelry boutique and picked up a pair of brass, dangly earrings with the most exotic looking stones I’d ever seen. They were gorgeous! The stones had an unusual combination of colors that ranged from deep ocean blue to soft pale aqua and warm, rich tones of tans and browns. They looked like pieces of art. The shop owner said they were Andean Opals from Peru and remarked on how unique and highly prized they were. Of course I bought them, and I still wear them today.

Peruvian Blue Opal remains by far one of my favorite gemstones. However, this rare mineral is found only in the Andean mountains and the supply is quite limited and even more rare than when I first laid eyes on them. On the other hand, there is no limit to the imitation variety—from seedy dealers trying to pass off dyed chalcedony and dyed white opal. The ones I have are from an old stash of mine from a reputable supplier. I’ve looked high and low for similar shapes and colors and nothing compares to these. I have some lovely, large, scenic nuggets, but these cylinder beads appear to the last of their kind on the market. I feel fortunate; I may very well have some of the last authentic material left in the world!

The colors of Peruvian blue opal are wide-ranging, from watery blues and creamy greens to gemmy tropical turquoise. Some include an earthy brown matrix or dendritic inclusions. Many have natural fissures and look like they may crack. I’ve worn mine for several years and have had no problems, however. I think that if they were able to survive their natural environment for millions of years, and the rigors of drilling and polishing, they will most certainly survive a relaxing rest around your neck. Just treat them the way you treat all of your fine jewelry.

Made with: Peruvian blue opal beads, sterling silver clasp and jump rings, high quality, antique brown leather cord.

Size: Choker is ~16 inches; overall length from center of clasp to end of longest dangle ~14.5”

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