Spring Loaded


Spring Loaded


This rutile quartz stone was bursting with energy when I wrapped it. So, of course, it came out looking like it was ready for action (or on amphetamines; I think I did this one on my fifth cup of coffee). I love the final look of this pendant. It exudes excitement and a zest for life that’s hard to beat. It’s vivacious, spirited, and spunky! It will most certainly give you the spark you need to set your day on GO!

This is high quality rutile quartz. The quartz is very clear and the rutile very sharp and striking. It’s a weighty piece with a high dome and a smooth, glassy polish. It glistens like spun gold frozen in ice. (Be careful not to look too hot when you wear it!) You can wear this earthy and elegant piece with pretty much anything. The silver wire and golden rutile work beautifully together and will complement a wide range of colors, patterns, and styles from your wardrobe for every season—especially "spring"!

This started out looking like it poked its finger in an electrical socket. I was ready to scrap it and start over, but I decided to keep going with it just to have some fun. I twisted it, turned it, and toned it down and was pleasantly surprised at the transformation. It is now one of my favorite pieces. I decided to give it an earthy leather cord and a simple heavy-gauge wire bail to let it fully express itself. She still has the energy she started out with, but now she has style.

Made with: Golden rutilated quartz cabochon, sterling silver, antique black leather cord made in the USA!

Size: Stone is ~30mm x ~23mm x ~12mm; leather cord length shown is ~16 inches, but is adjustable for a longer length.

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