Smooth & Smoky

Smooth & Smoky


If you’re looking at this hypnotic piece and wondering if you’re supposed to dangle it in the sun, gaze at it for hours, lick it, or smoke it, you might be looking for my other website. Or, perhaps, you might just enjoy the thrill of a different high. In which case, this stone will not disappoint.

You will find that this flirty little feather agate, with perfectly terminated crystals, featured on an antique brown leather cord, is an interesting, conversation piece. We are inspired by delicious, decorative slices of earth, such as these, and they never fail to evoke a smile or bring out the twinkle in our eye. Who among us has not been touched in some way by the beauty of earth’s treasures? Wear this piece of art, signed by Mother Earth, and you will (quite literally) be touched by the beauty of the earth. This was one of those lucky geodes. One that missed the rock-hound’s hard-hitting hammer. If you wear this, why you can feel a little lucky, too.

This pendant has a nice heft and swing and looks nice worn long. It looks like a little gift pouch with ribbons all curled at the top. It can serve as a symbolic gift to you and the world—they get to look at it and enjoy its beauty, and you get to keep it forever. 

Made with: Feather agate geode slice, sterling silver, antique black leather, high-quality cord made in the USA!

Size: Length is adjustable from ~20 inches to over 40 inches; shown is the size at a 25-inch length.


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