Hiding Island Treasure

Hiding Island Treasure


This is a soothing, buttery piece to feel in your fingers (if you like to fiddle with your jewelry like I do). This can be worn collar-length, choker-length, or longer, depending on your style preference. It also makes a lovely layering piece. The natural sand color of the leather and tropical sea colors of the stone are a perfect combination and go well with all metals, especially antiqued silver and copper.

Mother Earth sure has an artistic eye and so much talent. I’m always amazed at what she produces. You will be flaunting her talents with a piece she has long kept secret in her million-year-old treasure chest. Notice that the pattern on the front of the stone looks a lot like a South Seas treasure map or an aerial view of the islands. I’d like to believe someone dug up the treasure and found this stone. (Well, actually, they did.) And now it can be yours. Including the map!

This beauty is a one-of-a-kind, prize find—a fine collector’s piece! It is from top grade, old mine stock and I have only a few similar ones left. This is the cream of the crop. I’m unlikely to get more as I’ve been on an eternal hunt to find ones of similar color, cut, and quality and have had no luck. Anything you find like this is from old material obtained from the copper mines in Arizona, which are no longer producing this material.

Made with: chrysocolla, malachite, and azurite cabochon and high-quality, natural leather made in the USA!

Size: adjustable from 14” to 26”

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