Eye Heart My Tiger

Eye Heart My Tiger


This is one whalloping, huge, high-quality Tiger Eye! It has super chatoyancy and a high polish. The tiger’s stripes are well-balanced and horizontal with nice character. It’s a very fine, eye-catching piece. I’ve looked for comparable quality and style in a piece this size and it’s difficult to find. It looks great layered with silver or gold, but with a decorative, antique black leather knot flanking each side, it’s begging to be worn all by itself!

I think I was in high school when I first fell in love with this stone. I was struck by the name, and its chatoyancy was illusive; I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. I still love it today.

Made with: Tiger Eye, high-quality leather cord made in the USA!

Size: Necklace length is 21 inches; stone is ~26mm x ~27mm. Cord length can be shortened upon request.

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