Egyptian Goddess

Egyptian Goddess


You will feel like a goddess with this necklace displayed prominently around your neck. Just hold your head up and let everyone admire your royalty, for this is quite the regal piece. This stone is loaded with magnificent golden rutile. I used a pleasing variety of crystal bead colors to complement the rich textures and tones of the rutile slicing through the quartz. It’s a striking combination. Wear it on black, white, or cream for a classic look, or for an intense look wear it on cobalt blue—can you imagine how smashing that would be? It has a lot of potential for bold pattern play with choice wardrobe items.

This is an unusual piece for me. I tend to make pendants sans decorative beaded strands. My focus is usually on the beauty of the stone. But this one just got down on all fours and begged me to hang it off a rich, glittering strand of Swarovski crystals.

Made with: Rutile quartz cabochon; 14k gold-filled wire, clasp, and end beads; Swarovski crystal beads.

Size: Necklace length is 17.75 inches; stone is ~17mm (height) x ~17mm (sides) x ~20mm (bottom).

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