Cool Gentle Rain


Cool Gentle Rain


This plump raindrop of glistening rock crystal is a hand cut, hand polished beauty! Dripping from a matte black leather grapevine it features inclusions characteristic of natural quartz with a smattering of shooting rutile. It has smooth surface irregularities that give it its own character and a unique, soothing feel. It’s a fun piece to throw on, adding just the final touch you need to walk out the door. It’s one of those casual-chic pieces that layer well and complements an array of clothing styles. The crystal acts to magnify whatever it touches—colors, patterns, and textures of what you’re wearing—making it a great accent piece. (Or hold it up to your eyeball just for a little fun!) The antiqued copper wire bail will continue to take on a deeper patina over time, which will give this pendant that comfortable, old, well-worn look of a well-loved piece.

If you’re one of those people who need something in their hands, either at your desk or walking down the street, this is the piece for you! Not only is it a great fiddling and relaxing piece, it’s a great “thinking” piece. Sometimes you just need a light distraction to help clear your thoughts. This is it.

Made with: Rutile quartz pendant, copper, high-quality, black leather cord made in the USA!

Size: Stone is approximately 35mm x 27mm; cord length is adjustable length from 30" to over 50" (length shown is 30"—a perfect length for fiddling.).

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