Caramel Cream

Caramel Cream


This feather agate looks like it came straight from an artist’s canvas with its swirly blend of colors and play of light. It has a luscious mix of translucency and opacity, and the light-bending, terminated crystals give it the spark it needs for one attention-grabbing piece. On the other hand, it does look an awful lot like something you might find on top of your double-mocha latte…mmmm. You will either enjoy wearing this piece or will amuse everyone around you by trying to eat it. Did I mention this was a conversation starter?

I was inspired by this stone and took the wires on a joy ride. The large, dramatic swirls reflect the blend of colors and activity happening in the stone. I had no other choice. I was under the influence of those magical crystals framing its inner beauty. I used a white leather cord to pick up the creamy white in the stone, making it the perfect piece to wear with earth tones and anything that has a hint of white in it. This could be the perfect focal piece to complement a single-color sweater. How can you wear anything plain again?

I only have a few really nice geode slices left, and none in this color. So if you want a statement piece to match your mood, or your mocha latte, try this one out for sighs…

Made with: Feather agate geode slice, sterling silver, white leather, high-quality cord made in the USA!

Size: Length is adjustable from ~22 inches to over 40 inches.

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