Azure Rivers & Verdant Valleys

Azure Rivers & Verdant Valleys


The rolling landscape of this natural chunk of malachite and azurite is rich with azure blues and verdant greens and several impressive areas of flashy chatoyant malachite. It will remind you of the hills and vales of a fantasy you read or a movie you saw. If you look hard enough you might just see a petrified fairy who didn’t quite make it. The back of this stone has respectable colors and a lovely organic pattern of its own. You could, if you felt so inclined, wear it with the back facing out and let the greens peek out from the side (until someone tells you you’re wearing it backwards—hey, if they can’t take a joke…). This stone gives the phrase “thick and chunky” new meaning. It’s a perfect match with the earthy, antique brown leather strands, from which it is displayed.

I made the cord adjustable, so you have a choice—wear it as a choker or wear it as a fiddling piece. Go ahead and fiddle with this all day long; it is one of those smooth fingering pieces that are relaxing to feel. It makes a great object for meditation to help you focus—or to help you lose focus (after all, isn’t that the point?). Allow its imagery to transport you somewhere peaceful and quiet during your hectic day.

This one of a kind collector’s piece is hard to find. It’s from an old stash of mine obtained from the copper mines in Arizona which are no longer producing this material. Sadly, because these are copper-bearing minerals, many of the mines are ripping the shreds out of the earth for copper instead. Try as I may I am unable to find more material like this. The malachite and azurite sit on a bed of sturdy matrix that is visually aesthetic and adds stability to the stone. The back and all sides of the stone are shown in the photos so you can see what a lovely mix of colors there are throughout the stone. This material has very unusual uniformity and was expertly cut to bring out its best features. You will own a piece of ancient history when you wear this.

Made with: malachite and azurite drilled focal pendant; antique brown matte leather cord made in the USA!

Size: adjustable from 16” to 28”

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