Spring Sparkles


Spring Sparkles


The sparkle of spring might be all you need to send the winter winds on their way. You look at this and it’s hard not to think of blue sky, green shoots, and apple blossoms and know that spring is closer than you think. Why, if you wear it on your wrist, it will be really, really close…

This perky piece really does pick up your mood. You don’t have to strain your ears to hear, “Don’t worry. Be happy.” One look and it’s better than Prozac. (Well, maybe it’s not that perky…) This would be a very thoughtful Mother’s Day gift. Buy it now, put it away until spring. Or buy it now and wear it—there is no tag on this that says “Must Wear In Spring!”

Materials: Swarovski crystals, freshwater pearls, natural hematite, sterling silver beads and clasp, 14k gold-filled beads.

Size: ~8"

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