Maybe it’s my brain on stereotypes, but this piece just says “Mom,” doesn’t it? Soft, feminine colors, creamy white pearls, bits of bling, glowing lavender, and a charming silver heart clasp with a dangling crystal to set it off. It really says it all. Great for Mother’s Day, even greater on no-big-deal day. Picture this on the mom you love—doesn’t it bring out the sparkle in her eyes? And there’s no better way to put a refreshing smile on her face than with a hug, some TLC, and this bracelet. How easy is that?

Materials: Swarovski crystal beads, freshwater pearls, freshwater seed pearls; natural hematite; sugilite sterling silver beads, chain, and lobster clasp, 14k gold-filled beads.

Size: adjustable from ~7 ½"-8”

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